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Accelerate  your

Digital Transformation agenda.

Every organization has governance processes for timely delivery of the services they render. But, over a period of time organizations ends up with outdated practices, dependent on paper forms or other manual steps. By becoming comfortable in how they get work done, champions and workers alike cost their organizations a lot more than lost efficiencies. Modernize your business with Ratchet Digital Transformation Framework, improving performance, reliability, and scale while providing a foundation for future innovation.

Your ever changing business conditions require you to be agile, by investing in solutions that provide reliability and choice. Ratchet provides the flexibility to tailor solutions supporting a component based architecture and to your unique business needs. The optimum implementation architecture for service orientation in an organization is a component-based approach. Many will be familiar with the concepts of process and entity component, and will understand the inherent stability and flexibility of this component architecture, which provide a one to one mapping between business entities and component implementations. Adopting Service Oriented Architecture is essential to deliver the business agility and flexibility on the long run.

Making decisions faster and staying updated are critical for any organization to be more effective. Your ability to access information on the go is now a workplace necessity. Ratchet’s integrated file storage and document collaboration features make your workplace more people-centric with improved mobile access to content, people, and applications. Innovative user experiences and capabilities are available either as part of your flexible on premise deployment or through an enterprise cloud based hosting of your Ratchet processes.
Ratchet is packaged for your Monitoring and Evaluation needs as well, Monitor and analyze a broad range of live data through easy-to-use dashboards, interactive reports, and intuitive data visualizations with our BI capabilities. Use analytics to help each individual and organization be more effective. Leverage insights into how you actually work to enable individuals and teams to identify areas to save time and focus on the highest value activities.

Effective processes are your key to success in today’s markets. Your quest for modernization must be based on powerful, flexible solution for business process automation, which will give you greater agility in your business practices and IT systems. It will also enable you to make process workflows leaner and more transparent and help modernize your workspace to a better service delivery center.

Connected Business

and Operations

Connect people with information they need so they are informed about the services and let them access their services processed in real time. Enhance the traditional systems of record with a people-centric system of engagement that offers greater visibility and collaboration to transform businesses faster, more frequently and more drastically than ever before. Expand your business model by adding services that complement your solutions and products or innovative services that create a new competitive advantage.

Backed by Industry 4.0 principles and embracing a number of contemporary automation, data exchange and manufacturing technologies, our end-to-end solution to automate your business providing dramatically improved visibility and collaboration across internal and external players, enabling real-time collaboration, sharing and advanced analytics, facilitating better customer service. Over the Internet of Things (IoT), cyber-physical systems communicate and cooperate with each other and with humans in real time, and via the Internet of Services, both internal and business partner services are offered and utilized by all participants in the cycle.

Through Ratchet we bring intelligence to your business process, so they can run more effectively, care everywhere, and deliver smarter. Radical change awaits us, in which entire operating flows will be transformed. Flexibility and individualized production and logistics are prerequisites for remaining competitive.

Geographically dispersed business and workforce with strict adherence to governance and monitoring.
Route seamlessly with partner networks, subsidiaries and governing bodies. Uninterrupted decision making.
Engage your mobile workforce, empowering them with the right tools to securely act on their role.

Corporate Governance Super Charged

Efficient processes are your key to success in dynamic markets. This efficiency is based on powerful, flexible software for Integrated Business Process Management (BPM), which will give you greater agility on how you structure business processes and IT systems. It will also enable you to make process workflows leaner and more consistently transparent. In short, the right BPM software makes your core processes more flexible and, well, efficient.


Manage your time effectively! It is sometimes a pain to get your organization to adhere to a process, many times people define their own process and bypass for many reasons. As much as ease of doing business must accelerate business, a fool proof practice must be ensured to protect the business and its vision and mission. Ratchet’s core strength is a thorough bred workflow foundation. Modernizing business by quickly automating business process and harnessing the most modern electronic media is always the underlying principle building ratchet framework.

Our versatile approach to Business Process Management solution makes it particularly easy to create process-oriented applications that you can integrate data and documents into. Our approach towards converting a manual process to electronic involves necessary consultation services to analyze and re-engineer processes to ensure they reduce bottlenecks and still protect the interests of the organization.

Setting up processes and practices for guaranteed service delivery. Enhance and optimize them with data and insights.
Adapt to your new business innovations with ease. Your systems are not to limit.
Integrated information on the fly, ensuring strict compliance to regulatory frameworks while transacting online. 

A Connected World -  Analyzed and Informed

Many areas of our lives have already been changed by the Internet of Things, and industry is no exception. By blending the real and the virtual worlds of services and production via the internet, the IoT makes it possible to connect all parts of the production process: machines, products, systems, and people. Today, the process of engaging customers can't be one-size-fits-all. It needs to be adaptive across all touch points and within the context of who your customer is and what they are doing. Informed and intelligent customer engagement enables your company to build customer trust, loyalty, and insight, while also enabling your sales, service, and marketing professionals to be as productive as possible.

In order to effectively utilize data accumulated from various sources of your business, it must first be integrated and visualized so that it may then be analyzed using suitable data analytics methods. We support you with our extensive experience in software development by implementing the resulting algorithms and statistical and analytical models in your environment using live data. This data forms the basis of both root cause analysis when bottlenecks occur, and of continuous improvement through identifying previously unknown correlations.

Strap your business ecosystem through interfaces. Your Point of Sales systems, ERP or your line of business system, leave no loose ends.
Bundled with modern Data Analytics and visualization, gain clarity and control on your business. Also Integrate with your BI platform. 
Blend data through our unique Business Connectivity adapters, correlate and analyze business performance

Features at a glance



Introduction of Ratchet Intelligent automation or iAutomate to its Businss Process Management module provide many benefits across the service delivery value chain, helping manipulation of large amounts of data and calculations that result in overall process performance. Automating governance model by using data and analysis to ensure accuracy can accelerate service delivery. iAutomate can also provide the ability to adapt without increasing risk or compromising quality and by leveraging the existing workforce. Providing a higher quality service delivery channel, helps more confidence to market faster, or for getting answers to queries faster  provides a richer, more dependable customer experience.

Ratchet Customer Self Service

Ratchet Customer Self Service

Racthet CSS is built on a secure web platform to extend your service delivery online. Ratchet CSS in an indepenend Web Front End that can be hosted indepently to cater for all your public and customer facing transactions. The module is mobile friendly and also allows integration to your mobile apps. The module is fully brandable and features rich dashboard experience, online payment integration, Single Sign-on facilitation with membership, Customer profile management, authentication and more.

Electronic Records Management

Electronic Records Management

Ratchet's Integrated Documents and BPM capability brings in efficient records management that secures comminque according to your records policy. From creation, distribution, usage, maintenance, and disposition of records or documents, Ratchet RM can transform your complex records keeping  policies to an intuitive practice. 

Our compliance to industry best practices, standards and uniqueness through cutting-edge researches brings optimized storage, archival and retrieval of recrods to next level.



All new Ratchet iForms are tightly bound around a well-designed data structure, with adavanced data validations to build rich pool of data and analytics, informed decision making. With all new IntelliField technology brings in new dynamics to integrated information and intellegence to your workforce.

Ratchet FS+

Ratchet FS+

Content ranging from documents, pictures, videos, audios etc. are always challenging in the business. Ratchet FS+ offers the power of an exnterprise document management to archives, gaining control over their documents from anywhere, with focus on fast  and secure content retrieval with process association. 

Add more to your DM iniatives with our completely web based zero-footprint integrated high speed document scan even for large format documents with high-end cognitive chareceter recognition  image correction capabilities.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Reporting and Business Intelligence Center features aggregation, storage, analysis, and reporting of data for the purpose of informing business decision makers. Ratchet BI tools lets you use business intelligence to take data and turning it into meaningful information that enables greater versatility to all your data analytics. 

Reporting Services include a complete set of tools for you to create, manage, and deliver reports, and Enitity APIs that enable developers to integrate or extend data processing in custom applications. It help you organize that data in a useful way and present that data as meaningful working elements like scorecards, dashboards, data connections, status lists, status indicators, and so on.

Managed Questionnaire and Surveys

Managed Questionnaire and Surveys

Ratchet bundles Questionnaire Service module which helps organizations to quickly customize forms to run examinations, feedbacks, surveys and questionnaires. Conduct virtual examinations or an in-house computer based test center ideal for running tests for interview, driver’s license test, marketing campaigns, surveys etc. The solution can consolidate results on the fly with visualization.

Enterprise Application Integration and IoT

Enterprise Application Integration and IoT

It not just business system integrations, today's Cyber Physical systems and other IoT are opportunities of modernizing your business with more innovation. With ever growing Cyber Physical Systems setting new trends in doing things better, business systems of today must be more open to this new cyberspace. 

Ratchet embraces not just Enterprise Application Integration but also a wide array of appliances including your authentication systems, biometrics, surveillance infrastructure, sensors and actuators or robotics, whether it be cloud, on-premise or through a native SDK.

Case Studies

You have complex business environment often challenged by loss of information and process lapse of a well defined governance framework? its ideal case for Ratchet. 

Image by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum
Licensing and Protection

Public sector transformation often encounter challenges from a wide range of sources. Our consultants have successfully transformed range of regulatory authorities bringing life to service delivery and customer enagement. Gain more insight and control to your sectoral performance and strategies.

Driving License Trade License Import Permits Civil Registration Land Allocation Civil Affairs Travel Documents Public Transport and more ...

Passport Covers
Digital Idenity

Identification is a key challange as businesses world wide adopt more and more technology. From key assets to person, identity offers seamless access to render services digitally. Ratchet entity management is poised to efficently manage your identity challenges according to international best practices and standards.

National Identity Officers Identity Business Registration Vehicle Registration Asset Tagging Land Survey and Zoning ...

 Supreme Court
Case Management

From dispute resolution, baggage claims and consumer affairs we often encounter cases that are processed through a well defined framework and resolutions arrived in a given time are often compromised. We ratchet them, giving more visibility and accountability to the set practices.

Judicial Case Management Consumer Affairs Incident Management Appeals and Execptions Regulatory Violations and Escalations and more

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