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At Corporate Business Solutions we specialize in Software Engineering with end-to-end consultancy services to ensure the best out of your valuable technology investment.


We house Software Development team in various powerful technology frameworks including Java and Microsoft .Net. Our team of engineers have successful records in utilizing various Web Technologies, Integration Frameworks and Smart Mobility frameworks to craft innovative ICT solution that suits you. Our undertakings are also supported with industry best practices for DEVOPS through automated tools supporting from linear methodologies to a complete agile approach for continuous research and product development, we follow major practices like Oracle AIM, MSF, Scrum, TDD as the project demands.

Our Assured ERP implementation is backed with a knowledge-base of best practices iterated from various ERP implementation experiences. Through our strategic partnership network we assure our customers value for their ERP investments. Our partners have also teamed up with our in-house workforce to deliver a comprehensive ERP implementation with seamless integration to various line-of-business solutions. CBS have successfully delivered Enterprise Solutions using SAP and Microsoft Dynamics suite for Human Capital Management, Corporate Performance and Governance, Customer Service and Relationship.

Our experiences and innovations are also blended into a suite of products which can accelerate the technology uptake of various industries. To bring the best of the technology to our customer's fingertips, our Research and Development team with their continuous efforts are perfecting the perfect with the rapidly changing technology trends and to align our products to industry best-practices and standards. Our product suite have proven records in delivering efficient e-Government solutions with strong emphasize on Service Delivery modernization through business process automation along with e-Services and e-Information.

Our products are also successfully implemented for various Public Sector Organizations, large and medium enterprises for applications including Highway Engineering, Petroleum Equipment Services, Civil Aviation Services, Civil Works, Public Works, Facilities and Property Management, Licensing and Permitting Solutions, Asset Management, Maintenance Management, Service Desk and more. Our products are also proven in critical and demanding zones that require strong Safety, Health, Environment, Risk and Quality (SHERQ) compliance.

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Corporate Business Solutions

Plot 138, Finance Park, Gaborone, Botswana

Postal: B0313, Bontleng, Gaborone, Botswana

Phone : +267-3918879 Fax: +267-3918905


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