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CREW is the latest offering from Corporate Business Solutions for an integrated facilities management, incidence management, asset management, stores management and contracts management system that address the need of organizations that have large plant and machinery, workshops, ICT equipment, building infrastructure, branch offices etc.

A completely web based system that is installed on premise and is accessible using any leading browser. It is a highly customizable system with extensive reporting features and dashboards.

Assets AM

Keep track of your fixed and movable assets. A highly customizable solution stands up to the expectations of organizations of various size and nature. Our AM module lets an organization classify their fixed and movable assets based on hierarchy, location, functionality. The asset classification can be done at multiple levels and the level of details of the assets is completely configurable by end users. With integrated maintenance management with SHERQ compliance monitor CREW take asset management to a different perspective.

Enabling location based  services for efficient crew utilization.

Maintenance MS

Comprehensive service and Maintenance Management, end-to-end service center/incident management with acquired best practices from various standards and industries. With our active SHERQ Compliance and Monitoring and GIS based location based and crew utilization, you will gain more out of your expensive equipment and resources on ground.


CREW brings Integrated Document and Multimedia Capabilities to gain instant reporting and quick retrieval of various document including manuals, agreements, service levels and more while integrated multimedia brings you remote capabilities to utilize capabilities of mobile cameras and other imaging devices to get more informed on the status on ground.


Get more out with our unique approach in Knowledgebase with FAQ applied with SmartSearch bringing your crew information of  similar issues reported and knowledge base articles without even searching for it.

Get more out of it! 

Lease It! before it rust as it rest.

Lease It LM

Your investments on expensive plants, equipment and machinery can be  better utilized if they can be utilized while they rest. Lease them out is a challenge when you cannot manage them in one place, CREW with Lease It module enable organizations to swiftly mobilize this opportunity. With a comprehensive contract/lease management functionality that enables your organization to manage all long and short term contracts and leases.


CREW reminds you of contact expiry, billing etc. at predefined intervals. CREW also offers booking functionality under the contracts management module which caters for businesses that do sort term lease and rentals.

•    Mange Booking – Integrated to Asset Management
•    Help Informed decision making
•    Assist Lease Opportunities

Over years CREW has been applied to many industry verticals for various purposes ranging from incident management, service desk management, facilities management and more. Our continuous research and development efforts is positioned to keep CREW industry best not only from its technology side but also for its capability to bring industry best practices to your business.


Get in touch with us, our consultants will be more that happy to assist you.

What's new

Materials - Stock and Inventory

CREW comes with integrated Materials Management (MM) module. Fully integrated with the rest of the module MM can work independently or tightly integrated for finer control. The MM can work as a spares or stock inventory or a comprehensive Manufacturing Execution System (MES) using our comprehensive Warehouse Management solution, WASP.

Lease It

Comprehensive Lease Management integrated to your Asset and Maintenance Management, lets your business lease out your assets and gain more out of it as our Lease It keeps the lease terms abreast and keep you informed. Lease It brings you more insights to your lease opportunities enabling your workforce to reap more out of your investments.

Job Card Routing

Integrated workflow capabilities to route your work authorization to organizations with larger footprint, with resource management, location based work assignment, utilization of tools and fleet. 

Safe & Secure Document Management

Files ranging from documents, pictures, videos, audios etc. are always challenging in the business. Our high-performance, intuitive DM module offers the power of enterprise document management to mid-sized companies and large organizations and can help gaining control over their documents from anywhere, with seamless integration.

Insights and BI

CREW Dashboard and Reporting features a highly customizable data report and visualizations capabilities enabling a informed workforce in your organization. With portable document export feature lets you purge out the data for your interrogation outside the CREW.

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CREW Modules


Asset Management




Materials Management


Lease Management


Document Management

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