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Safe Road Engineering

roads assets, maintenance, project management through cutting edge software suite.

Roads Assets

From sign posts to culverts, find your roads assets and furniture instantly through our geo-tagged approach.

From routine maintenance to disposal/reuse of assets you assessment programs can be time consuming and inefficient. 

Our unique approach to manage roads assets with their lifecycle helps informed budgeting and maintenance planning.  Map, manage, analyze and visualize the roads infrastructure around you.


Roads need a collaborative environment through your wide-spread roads master minds. Build, Maintain and share knowledge through our innovative approach to roads construction and maintenance project management with integrated content management. So think about a nation-wide budgeting and planning! improve productivity, avoid time and cost over-runs, and reduce project delivery time.


Your high-budget projects are resource intensive and complex and we find your new workforce with their own practices which can bust your reporting and M&E techniques employed.

Its a challenge to enforce your governance practices and difficult when each undertakings follow its own. Our approach will set standards cut across. Your new approaches too get propagated though the system.

managing roads infrastructure through innovative technology solutions

Project Management

Your muti-disciplinary project management through our unique approach to roads infrastructure project management, bringing  capabilities of collaboration into your workspace. Utilize your masterminds with the power sharing and knowledge management. Our approach include extensive analysis and review of your practices and with your experts and optimize them for a closer monitoring and reporting capabilities. With integrate risk and issue management to minimalize over-runs and ensure better coordination among teams during maintenance and construction.


Our integrated approach to contribute a well informed budgeting and planning is aligned to bring a more realistic budget from factual information. Feed your planning brains with the right information from assets condition inspection, reactive maintenance reports and even preventive maintenance logs blended with your historic expenditure information can bring valuable data which can assist your planning with credible information.

Surveys and Statistics

Let your initiatives be backed by demand. Our all new approach will back your initiatives with credible data from surveys and statistics of various nature. Our solution assist hosting various survey campaigns and statistical information, the application can range from road user surveys, pedestrian feedback, traffic count, law enforcers feedback, ad-hoc inspections and many more. Its even interesting when you can track and consolidate survey feedback on the fly.

Permitting and Protection

Well, we don't end with engineering, enhance your solution further with our licensing solution. An integrated suite managing Wayleaves, Route Permits, Vehicle Registration, Abnormal Load, Drivers License, Pollution Control, Vehicle Road Worthiness etc. will be more efficient than having desperate solutions operating in isolation. 

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considering the complexities of a muti-disciplinary roads management

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