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Facilities Management

facilities management to next level, 

robust and swift for safety, health and environment


Enable standards and practices in facilities management, through rich underlying principles and service level monitoring. From knowing your assets nd their configurations and to maintaining them to the standards can be a hassle. Give life to your FM initiatives with our unique software solution.


Are you tired of increasing your support force and still hear "we are running out of resources". Well case can be true but let's have an effective resource utilization in the first place. From human to material resources we often find dead investments and steaming procurements happening on the other side. 


How well you doing? How many of your customers are happy? How are your resources utilized? Questions can be many as you are busy expanding your footprints. Visibility to the root is key for your profitability and enhance informed decision making more by integrating with your ERP solution.

efficient resource utilization instant knowledge of your assets can be key to a profitable fm.

Know your Facilities and Assets

All new innovative ways of keeping track of the assets their properties, technical configurations are never handy in a complex environment. Expensive investments on various assets ranging from electronic, electrical, electro-mechanical to plumping structure your team need to be well informed to plan a efficient facilities maintenance.


Get to know how can your workforce can watch them more closely and plan skill sets, knowledge and abilities required to effectively perform before they are even on-site. Our new approach to facilities management can bring much happiness within your team.


Forecast your  resource planning, purchase planning and even pro-active maintenance planning through well informed reports. You have the data - asset maintenance activities, historical records of activities, and even resource availability, churn them to your benefit through innovative dashboards and you can plan efficiently and there is always a lot of room to improve.


Optimize your service management, your crew and equipment through defined processes and practices - let your customers see a value through professional service delivery. You tool for tactical planning for scheduling and accomplishing daily FM tasks is more efficient and lighter. With more visibility to your service terms, you drive faster, more accurate effort management while your people drive your business in passion.

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integrating people, place, process and technology

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