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About Us

We started

Corporate Business Solutions (CBS) was duly incorporated according to the Laws of Botswana in 1997. Starting off as a complete information technology infrastructure solutions and managed services company, CBS adapted and responded to changes in the market and diversified into a complete Software Engineering services company since 2004. Such has been the dynamic power of the organization that over the past 15 years it has become a leading software solutions and technology consulting firm in Botswana.


Building on the rich pool of varied expertise and domain knowledge we have acquired; Corporate Business Solutions offers clients a wide range of services. Our services enable enterprises to better do business through optimum use of technology to give our clients competitive advantage in the dynamic market environment they operate.


With our partners, our clients and our communities, we are scaling our innovations and sharpening our skills to solve complex problems and for a guaranteed service delivery.


Through strategic partnerships with established global software powerhouses, and collaborations on delivering solutions to our clients, we have progressively built on our knowledge and expertise to become a recognized leader in the provision and management of specialist Information Technology solutions in Botswana. We constantly seek to improve and introduce innovations for our clients, ensuring our solutions are structured to deliver benefits today and into the future. Our people are enthusiastic, loyal and energized; always developing, and always growing in pursuit of “Perfecting Perfection.”


Our Team and Solutions

CBS has an experienced team which consists of software engineers, domain experts, business analysts and project management experts that have sharpened their skills through the various engagements we have undertaken. CBS has been involved in a wide array of end-to-end information technology consulting services. We are constantly adding more people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to our workforce, enabling thoughtful programs and practices that can foster better relationships and opportunities to deepen our understanding of various domains.

Over two decades and thousands of professional man-hours spent on various solutions to streamline complex workflows for organizations of various sizes and types, Corporate Business Solutions has invested our experience and effort to develop an in-house digital transformation framework, Ratchet which helps our customers to expedite their process of modernizing their delivery chain. Ratchet, encapsulates our experiences from various opportunities and also our expertise in using most-modern technology stack that can quickly modernize your organization by enhancing delivery, accountability and transparency.

CBS Botswana, Enterprise solutions using SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Technologies
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