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Monitoring and Evaluvation

continuous insights of your vision through better data and better intelligence. 


Forward looking M&E with retrospections of your performance analysis through insightful reports from your data. Our M&E practice study your vision, mission and review your policies and programmes to align them for a credible assessment backed with cost effective cutting edge software solutions and associated information technology services to bridge your data.


Establishing a concrete M&E technique is key to the success for any mission especially when it is long terms and activity intensive. Our M&E focus on a aligning your activities for its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact building a knowledge base for successful delivery of future objectives. Enabling  leadership and workforce with informed decision making  through defined M&E plans and strategies.


Implementing precise tools for monitoring measures for your directives and achievements and validating them  against your goals with indicators for activity relevance, effectiveness and sustainability. From large public sector programmes to organizational effectiveness our data scientists focus on setting up the right tool for the right purpose.

Organizational effectiveness through informed decision making.


Equipping your people with most modern software solution to provide the stakeholders early alerts of results. From project, portfolio tracking to public sector initiatives out monitoring paradigms helps organizations track achievements by a regular collection of information to assist timely decision making, ensure accountability, and provide the basis for evaluation and learning.

We house practioners from various domains like Environment, Energy, Social Welfare, Gender, Economic Empowerment and Accountability, Inclusive Growth and Livelihoods, Human Health, Social Security, Governance, Private Sector Development, Trade and Industrial Licensing and Protection, International Trade to name a few.


Tools to systematically validate of any on-going or completed project, program, or policy, and its design, implementation and results. Our data scientists equip your M&E machinery with knowledge-base to assess the relevance and fulfillment of objectives, foster efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of your initiatives.

Strategic Alignment

Our M&E practice also can extend to observe the strategic alignment of your initiative to form a balanced score card based approach with performance indicators to enhance your organizational accountability and performance. Our unique approach will also drive a collaborative approach is content sharing on various on-going or completed activities to report back and keep a traceable record of events.


Enabling you to draw-up your business intelligence through compelling reports and dashboards to bring the best out of your M&E framework with capabilities to alert to monitor key changes in your data. Our solution enables you to create and use powerful reports, scorecards, and assemble dashboards.

Our services include design and delivery of M&E frameworks and monitoring systems with various approaches to evaluation design, like realist, theory-based, experimental or quasi-experimental, and mixed method formative, summative or impact evaluations including experience of qualitative data collection and analysis techniques. Our uniqueness further extends to geo-spatial analysis to bring interesting GIS capabilities to your M&E tools.

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qualitative and quantitative evaluations across challenging domains establishing rigorous evaluation and monitoring services backed by high-quality software solutions

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