Revolutionary thinking meets your persuit for business transformation. Experienced teams from various domains ranging from Public Sector Services, eGovernment, Project Portfolio Management and even to SMEs are always sharpening their skills for you.


We are involved in a wide array of consulting services ranging from feasibility studies, requirements elicitation, and analysis leading up to implementation of identified solutions. Read more and we are here to assist you on your endeavour.


Mordenization of your business involves analysis and reengineering of your business process. The re-engineering involves transformation of your business to a more stremelined process, making it smarter and more swifter than ever before.

Gaining transparancy with point-to-point accountability further enhances your business delivery. Our cousultants are seasoned and backed by a board of acadameas from various business domains and focuses on Public Sector and Large Enterprises to SMEs.

Our unique approach is not just fictious,  services shall be extended to a more comprehensive design and development of end-to-end business tranformation solutions.

Enteprise Portfolio Project Service Management

Since our venture into business solutions we have consistantly successful on our focus on EPPSM vertical. With increasing demands on an organization’s ability to execute and deliver projects at a rapid pace our EPPSM practices are focusing on a developing a right sized PPSM practices for various industries and adequately automating them. Align vision and effort to prioritize initiatives, select optimal project portfolios, and deliver on your business strategy.

Our consultants help organizations to reinvent their PPSM practices in their organizations to create value in a dynamic and competitive environment. Our practice is comprehensive from application lifecycle to drive high quality and more predictable results by simplifying resource management, forster collaboration, infromed decission manking and assisting in your overall organization change management process.

We help management of vast content, wheather it be data, documents, mutimedia or even paperbased records, our IA consultants focus on organizing your information to help quick retirival as well as to produce meaningful outcome from your heaps using Enteprise Content Management Systems for the web or your information mangement system.

Our IA consultants specialize in the structural design of complex content management systems and services. From massive infromation delivering websites or integrating touchpoints for mobile and multi-channel, we’ll work with you to define your information architecture to lay strategy and structure to your content to implemetation of an efficent content management system.

Our IA pracitioners have successfuly designed and delivered massive information and service delivery systems for various public and provate sector entities.

Enteprise Application Integration

Legacy information technology investments and various line of business solutoins are always a stumbling block in most of the organization transformation initiatives. Our EAI team comprises of resources with skill-sets matching various integration requirements from Application integration to Devices/System Level integration in a highly engineered and structured approach.

Our EAI pracitioners have worked closely with our architects to effectively lay foundations for efficent Service Oriented Architecture for various assignments. Our approaches are vendor and platform independend because of the very nature of integration opportunities we come across. Our skils-sets spans across a host of frameworks supporting an exhaustive set of data adapters and integration modules for efficent data transformation.

Our EAI team assures seamless intgeration of your systems by fetching data  through OEM development kits, adapters and exposing data securely over open standards. Our services analyse integration and interoperability requirements and outline integration measures and adequately advise your ERP implmetnation intiatives.

eParticipation and eGovernment

In these times of competetive hunt for potential investors local governments and nations are in their constant struggle to render an effortless interaction with government entities through their ease-of-doing-business initiatives. Right from modernizing service delivery channels to bringing transparency to transactions governments across world are going through a challenging phase of their transformation.

Our eGovernemnt Services focuses predominatly on UNPACS E-Government Develeopment Index primary dimensions to improve information and service delivery of a government. Our service analyse service delivery channels of government, assess existing systems and assess opportunities to improve from a customer perspective. The overall service render an information architecture and set achievable roadmaps for future ICT investments.

Through our eGovernment Accelerator Pack our services shall also be extended to the overall desing and implentation of a various solutions to foster ePrticipation, ease customer interaction with government and its entities. Our conultants are backed with necessary resources, tools and skilsets for quickly transforming business in record setting timelines.

Our practice combines our experience in qualitative and quantitative evaluations across multiple development interventions with our expertise in fostering learning cultures. Our rigorous evaluation and monitoring services backed by high-quality software solutions development capability, we help oganization to gain better insights on their strategies and investments.

Our M&E consultants are rapidly extending reserches in their projects and proposals. We house practioners from various domains like Environment, Energy, Gender, Economic Empowerment and Accountability, Inclusive Growth and Livelihoods, Human Health, Social Security, Governance, Private Sector Development, Trade and Industrial Licensing and Protection, Facilities and Infrastructure to name a few.

Our services include design and delivery of M&E frameworks and monitoring systems with various approaches to evaluation design, like realist, theory-based, experimental or quasi-experimental, and mixed method formative, summative or impact evaluations including experience of qualitative data collection and analysis techniques. Our uniqueness further extends to geo-spatial analysis to bring interesting GIS capabailities to your M&E tools.

Information Architecture and Content Management

Business Process Analysis and Re-Engineering

Monitoring and Evaluvation

Bespoke Application Devlopment

Expertise in a host of technology platforms and frameworks to fire your dreams sky high. Over two decades of tireless experience providing information technology solutions for organizations of various sizes and complex problems, our team have followed various methodologies and worked together with diverse team from across the world. Our continious R&D team is always in their persuit to sharpen our skillset. Whether it be your line-of-biz ground-up development or ERP integration requirements we ensure technology will be no limit for your creative minds.