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CREW is the latest offering from Corporate Business Solutions for an integrated facilities management, incidence management, asset management, stores management and contracts management system that address the need of organizations that have large plant and machinery, workshops, ICT equipment, building infrastructure, branch offices etc.

A completely web based system that is installed on premise and is accessible using any leading browser. It is a highly customizable system with extensive reporting features and dashboards.

Top Benefits

Asset Management

Keep track of your fixed and movable assets. A highly customizable solution stands up to the expectations of organizations of various size and nature.


The asset management functionality lets an organization classify their fixed and movable assets based on hierarchy, location, functionality. The asset classification can be done at multiple levels and the level of details of the assets is completely configurable and can be done by end users.

All assets can be geo tagged there by giving a visual view of their location on Google maps. The system caters for various types of depreciation of the asset value and information can be exported to excel for further use.

•    Geo Tagged Assets
•    Integrated to Maintenance Module


Maintenance Management

Comprehensive service and maintenance management, end-to-end service centre/incident management with acquired best practices from various standards and industries.

The maintenance management functionality is allows a service desk agent to issue a ticket for any support or service call received. Once a ticket is issued the system follows a process that is defined as per the business rules of the organization.
CREW SE provides two step closure for all job cards issues. The responsible engineer will mark the ticket as complete and the supervisor closes the call. This ensures overall quality management of the service delivery.

CREW SE has real time dashboards which provides bird’s eye view of the overall activity of the service department. Detailed information about each call can then be obtained with a click of a click.

CREW SE provides preventive maintenance functionality where the supervisor is alerted about upcoming routine maintenance activities and needs to cater resources.

Reports can be generated to show the number of tasks each person has been assigned thereby ensuring equal distribution of work and overall performance management of the employees.

•    Outsourced Job control
•    Integrated Asset Management and Stores Management
•    Muti-Stage Job Card Control
•    Preventive Maintenance Management
•    Dashboards and Reports

Stores Management

Manage spares and consumables required for your service delivery.

CREW SE now has stores management functionality.

This functionality is aimed at managing spares and consumables required for completing job and service requests.  You can add purchase receipts, do stock adjustments and other functions using the item master.

•    Purchase Receipt
•    Stock Adjustments
•    Integrated Stock Issue through Job Card
•    Stock Tracking

Contracts Management

Gain better insights to your contracts. Manage them in one place, solution helps organizations to view contracts from various perspectives.

CREW SE has a comprehensive contract management functionality that enables your organization to manage all long and short term contracts and leases. CREW SE reminds you of contact expiry, billing etc at predefined intervals. A facility to upload contract documents reduces the need to store contracts on premises.

CREW SE also offers booking functionality under the contracts management module which caters for businesses that do sort term lease and rentals.

•    Mange Booking – Integrated to Asset Management
•    Help Informed decision making
•    Assist Sales and Marketing

Over years CREW has been applied to many industry vertical for various purposes ranging from incident management, service desk management, facilities management and more. Our continuous research and development efforts is positioned to keep CREW industry best not only from its technology back bone but also for its capability to bring many best practices to business.


CREW’s versatility and capabilities accompanied with economic feasibility has replaced many industry leaders in its short arrival to the market. We are happy to have a host of happy CREW customers.




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